IT: The 20 Most Popular LinkedIn Learning Courses of the Year

After spending 30 years in the industry, I’ve become comfortable with knowing the tech space is constantly changing. It’s a constant challenge to sift through everything out there and decide what you need (and want) to learn next to expand your opportunities and feed your curiosity. LinkedIn Learning has you covered with the 10 most-watched courses by IT professionals of the year. 

Whether you’re a long-time veteran like me, or someone just considering entering the field like some of the interns I get the opportunity to work with every day, professionals like us are spending time learning skills like Python, cloud computing, networking, SQL, and Power BI. But those hard skills account for only half of the list. To keep up and get ahead in this new world of work, IT pros are also investing in learning essential skills for the moment like time management, strategic thinking, and remote work foundations.

Take some time to invest in yourself. Add these most-watched IT courses to your learning playlist and start watching today. They’re free until September 30, 2020. 

LinkedIn Learning’s 10 Most Popular Courses Among IT Professionals 

1. Learning Python

Instructor: Joe Marini

Course description: Python—the popular and highly readable object-oriented language—is both powerful and relatively easy to learn. Whether you’re new to programming or an experienced developer, this course can help you get started with Python. Senior Development Advocate at Google, Joe Marini, provides an overview of the installation process, basic Python syntax, and an example of how to construct and run a simple Python program. Learn to work with dates and times, read and write files, and retrieve and parse HTML, JSON, and XML data from the web.

2. Time Management: Working from Home

Instructor: Dave Crenshaw

Course description: With so many demands on your time and attention, it’s a tricky balancing act to stay productive. Learn how to set up a dedicated workspace for maximum productivity, collaborate with remote coworkers, craft your daily schedule, and how to use virtual meetings productively. It also offers advice for working parents and other caregivers who have to balance professional and personal responsibilities in the home.

3. Strategic Thinking 

Instructor: Dorie Clark

Course description: Strategic thinking is the ability to think on a big and small scale, long and short term, into the past and the present. This course teaches managers and leaders how to use strategic thinking to guide the direction of your teams and come up with solutions to key business problems. 

4.  Learning Cloud Computing: Core Concepts

Instructor: David Linthicum

Course description: This course covers the key concepts to consider when making a move to a cloud solution, including selecting a cloud provider and planning a migration. David Lithicum explains how to identify the data and applications best suited to the cloud and evaluate solutions like AWS, Google Cloud Platform,, and Office 365. You’ll also learn about the security considerations and day-to-day operations and tools IT administrators need to keep their cloud-based infrastructure up and running.

5. Remote Work Foundations

Instructor: Mike Gutman

Course description: This course shows you how to use today’s cloud-based communication and collaboration tools to get work done from anywhere, while remaining connected to your organization. Gutman reveals how you can create a productive work environment, avoid distractions, and build rapport with remote colleagues so you feel like you’re part of the team and succeed in your remote career. 

6. SQL Essential Training

Instructor: Bill Weinman

Course description: Knowing how to code and manage relational databases and database-driven applications is a valuable skill for any career in tech. This course will help you understand the most common language for database wrangling: SQL. Bill Weinman teaches all the major features of SQL—creating tables; defining relationships; manipulating strings, numbers, and dates; using triggers to automate actions; and using subselects and views—and shares a real-world example of using SQL to build a simple application.

7. Cert Prep: Project Management Professional (PMP)®

Instructor: Sandra Mitchell

Course description: In today’s competitive workplace, effective project managers are critical to the bottom line. The PMP demonstrates your mastery, your experience, and your education. Discover what it takes to pass the PMP exam by following along with project manager and exam prep trainer Sandy Mitchell.

8. Networking Foundations: Networking Basics

Instructor: Timothy Pintello

Course description: Understanding the foundations of networking is paramount for any IT professional. In this course, Tim Pintello covers the basics: core networking topologies and implementation examples. He also compares the OSI and TCP/IP models, and introduces viewers to commonly used network devices (e.g. NICs, hubs, switches, routers.)

9. Microsoft Teams Essential Training

Instructor: Nick Brazzi

Course description: Discover the core features of Microsoft Teams and see how you can bring together colleagues, create conversations and content, and collaborate more effectively. Instructor Nick Brazzi walks you through the essentials of using Teams, including basic setup, how to create scheduled meetings, and more. 

10. Power BI Essential Training

Instructor: Gini von Courter

Course description: Learn how to glean insights from your data using Power BI—which includes the Power BI service, Power BI Desktop, and Power BI Mobile. Gini von Courter covers topics including how to import data, ask questions about your data, create and share impactful visualizations, and arrange those visualizations into reports. 

Methodology: Based on global data from the LinkedIn Learning platform from July 1, 2019 through June 30 2020, among members whose job function is IT. Top courses are based on the number of unique learners.