Italian Restaurant Menus: Italian Food Menus from Maremma Italy

Italian Restaurant Menus

Examples of Restaurant Menus from great
Italian Restaurants in Italy

Looking for authentic Italian restaurant menus? The Italian food menus I have collected together here are from the best restaurants in undiscovered and breathtakingly beautiful Maremma in Tuscany and Lazio. Enjoy!

Every time I find another special Maremma restaurant to add to my best restaurants in Italy guide, I borrow the menu for a day and add it to this page. Every menu is different, but they all have something in common: excellent typical Maremma food.

Italian Restaurant Menus

Restaurant Menu from Ristorante “Il Leccio”, Cura Nuova


The Italian Food Menus



The Seafood Restaurant Menus

Seafood restaurant menus

For lovers of fresh fish, the Seafood Menus Collection divided by appetizers and starters, first and second main courses. You will also find a restaurant recommendation for the port of Piombino in there.

A complete “Menu di Pesce” of antipasti, primi piatti and secondi piatti from a local Osteria with fifteen different dishes on daily offer from squid with cheese (yes, I did say cheese even though eating fish with it is nearly unheard of here in Tuscany), to baked salt-encrusted fish, lobster, spicy octopus, and a mixed grill… the full seafood menu.

And another from Ristorante Le Bocche situated right on the golden sands of the Marina di Grosseto – this menu is all in Italian, so you’ll need your phrase book!



Italian Deli Menu

Typical Italian cheeses

The Italian deli meats and cheese menu for a relaxed lunch from a great Italian food store and “salumeria Italiana” in Maremma.


The Authentic Italian Dessert Menus

classic Italian desserts

For the first of many, click on this authentic Italian desserts menu link to view a menu of mouthwatering classic desserts from my very favourite restaurant in Maremma.

And this classic Italian desserts menu is from one of my favourite restaurants in the seaside resort of Follonica.


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