Jack Rabbit Slim's

"I think its like a wax museum with a pulse."

Vincent Vega

Jack Rabbit Slim's is a fictional eatery featured in the 1994 crime/action film Pulp Fiction, directed by Quentin Tarantino. It is a key setting in one of the more famous scenes in the movie.


Jack Rabbit Slim's is a theme restaurant located in southern California. Its decor is patterned after famous celebrities and culture of the 1950s. In keeping with a "fast cars" them, a large toy racing track runs the entire perimeter of the eating area. The center of the main area hosts a bandstand for live music. The dining booths were actually classic style cars, with the interiors converted to accommodate a table and opposing seats. The staff are dressed up like famous Silver Screen era celebrities and/or characters including James Dean, Buddy Holly, Marilyn Monroe and Mamie Van Doren. Jack Rabbit Slim's is famous for hosting its twist content – the winner of which receives a large trophy.


In 1994, Mia Wallace asked Vincent Vega to take her here for a night of fun. Vincent was unsettled about going to such a place, preferring somewhere where he could get a steak. Mia assured him that he could get a steak at Jack Rabbit Slim's and to not be such a square. Vincent was shocked when Mia ordered a $5 shake, which he felt to be a bit overpriced. Vincent ordered the steak he wanted and Mia ordered a burger. Mia then talked about her one-time stint as an actress on an unaired program called Fox Force Five. Before the food arrived, Mia went into the restroom to do some cocaine. When she got back, Vincent asked her about an incident where he gangster husband, Marsellus Wallace, purportedly through a man named Tony Rocky Horror off the roof of a building. [1]

Mia then wanted to enter the twist contest. Vincent was reluctant at first, but was eager to keep Mia entertained. The engaged in the contest, which was to the tune of "You Never Can Tell" [2] by Chuck Berry, and won the trophy.

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