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Jetblue – All you can eat snacks

Low-cost carrier JetBlue wasn’t just the first US airline to offer free personalized inflight entertainment to their passengers when they installed flat screen monitors (with access to an array of DirectTV channels) in 2000, but they are also one of the only carriers flying who still offer free, unlimited, brand-name inflight snacks.

And to the delight of their fiercely loyal fanbase – who have, in the past, helped transform beloved JetBlue inflight treats like Terra Blues potato chips and Skeeter NutFree chocolate chip cookies into runway best sellers on the ground – JetBlue is also the only carrier anywhere to offer unlimited “refills” on their free inflight snacks as well.

Highlighting that unique distinction in an eye-catching, and very funny recent print campaign entitled “Edible Ad,” JetBlue crafted a 100% edible newspaper ad from potato starch, water, vegetable oil and glycerin.

Though it might not have tasted like much, the ad definitely proved the lengths to which the carrier will go for their passengers. A point that is especially resonant in today’s era of buy-on-board ubiquity when everything from headphones to inflight video games and even checked luggage come with an often-hefty additional price tag.


The brainchild of mad marketing geniuses at UK-based ad house Mullen Lowe — who have crafted innovative, outside-the-box promotions for everyone from IKEA and Google to UNICEF – the Edible Ad concept has proven to be a huge hit with JetBlue passengers and fans, even if its taste left something to be desired by some users on Twitter . But then again, the carrier itself made a point of cheekily warning in the fine print that “we’re not saying you should, but you could” eat the ad, so, readers were at least warned beforehand. And judging from the overwhelmingly positive buzz online the unusual promotion has definitely helped get the point across that no one goes hungry for long on a JetBlue flight.


Recently written up on such popular online sites as AdWeek and Campaignlive. com , perhaps the most ringing endorsement of all for JetBlue and Mullen Lowes’ all-you-can-eat awesomeness came from iconic New York City television host Pat Kiernan who actually ate the print ad on the air during his hugely-popular “In the Papers” segment . And from the contented look on Kiernan’s face, it went down rather nicely, especially with a large glass of water.