Jeune et Jolie

Jeune et Jolie

Jeune et Jolie is a French restaurant that has been open for a little over a year. It made Esquire magazine’s list for one of the best new restaurants in America for 2019 and won San Diego Eater’s 2019 Restaurant of the Year. We recently dined here for both brunch and dinner.
jeune et jolie

The restaurant is named after the owners’ daughters. The interior is intimate and charming, with its plush pink booths and open kitchen space where you can watch the care and detail put into each plate.
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Our first trip to the restaurant was for dinner. While we were tempted to try the nightly tasting menu, we ended up working our way through the regular menu instead because I wanted to focus on staples the restaurant has to offer.

baguette, milk bread, normandy butter
jeune et jolie 17
The bread plate we ordered included a classic French baguette and a Japanese inspired milk bread roll. Both breads were very enjoyable.

blue prawn, kataifi, green curry, thai basil
jeune et jolie 15
This small bite consisted of a prawn wrapped in crispy pastry, served with green curry and thai basil.

frog legs, fermented chili, tamari
jeune et jolie 16
The frogs legs were one of our favorite dishes of the night. The tiny lollipop frog legs were lightly battered and fried.

snail, puff pastry, mushroom, brussels sprout, evoo
jeune et jolie 12
Small pieces of snail and mushroom were stuffed inside this delicate puff pastry.

lamb sausage, squid, beluga lentil, truffle, lebneh, turnip
jeune et jolie 11
Another favorite of the night. We especially enjoyed the lentil puree.

market fish, coconut, coriander, kiwi, daikon, chili
jeune et jolie
This dish was so beautifully plated. I really enjoyed the colors and the textures.

bacon, persimmon, burrata, pistachio, balsamic
jeune et jolie 10

scallop, sunchoke, abalone mushroom, vin jaune
jeune et jolie 2
Probably our favorite dish of the night. We opted for the additional white truffle shavings on top, but I think the dish would have been a favorite regardless. The caramelized scallops were perfectly cooked.

wagyu beef, sweetbreads, mirepoix, yogurt, streusel
jeune et jolie 4
My favorite part of this dish was actually the rich sweetbreads and medley of miniature vegetables.

iberico pork, eggplant, artichoke, buttermilk, chermoula
jeune et jolie 3
The pork was prepped and ate like a steak, which was quite interesting.

almond, meringue, citrus, anise
jeune et jolie 22

honey, pear, blackberry
jeune et jolie 5
I really enjoyed this dessert. It had so many different contrasting textures and flavors.

If you enjoy absinthe, Jeune et Jolie serves it complete with their own absinthe fountain.
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jeune et jolie 13

A few days later, I returned to try out their brunch with my friend CC.

jam, cream
jeune et jolie 6
The beignets were incredibly tender and light, served with banana cream and almond jam. It was a great way to start our meal.

boursin, fine herbs
jeune et jolie 7
We did find the omelette to be a little too salty.

toast, soft scrambled egg, mornay
jeune et jolie 8

french toast, almond cream, fruit
jeune et jolie 9 My favorite dish from brunch. I loved the use of almond and almond paste in the French toast. Having now sampled a few of their sweets, I really wish Jeune et Jolie also had a bakery. I would definitely visit often for their pastries and desserts.

Overall, we quite enjoyed the food we had during our meals at Jeune et Jolie. The only thing we didn’t quite love was the service on both occasions. During our dinner visit, our waters were rarely refilled and our empty dishes sat for long periods of time before they were taken away. During my brunch visit, after taking our drink order, we waited nearly 30 minutes before someone finally came to take our food order. The maître d’ was very apologetic and even gave us complimentary beignets to start our meal, which we really appreciated. Hopefully, they will be able to work out the service issues as the food we had was quite enjoyable. I do recommend dinner over brunch only because the brunch menu is fairly limited.


Jeune et Jolie
2659 State St, Carlsbad, CA 92008