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Company Overview

Jintian Copper Industry Vietnam Co., Ltd would like to send respectful greetings to you.

Jintian Copper Vietnam is a subsidiary of China Jintian Group (top 500 companies in China). Although we have just established a manufacturing factory in Tien Giang, Vietnam for 3 years, we currently supply copper pipes (LWC, inner-grooved tube, straight tube, pancake coil, insulated tube) for partners. Foreign partners such as Samsung, Daikin, LG, Hatachi, Panasonic, Toshiba and domestic partners such as: Kangaroo, Sanaky, Kasun, Hansung, and some regional agents. With high-quality products,flexible payment times and forms, fast response. Especially the most perfect and highly competitive price on the market.

For details about our products, please contact us directly.

* For more details, please contact: Ms. Alex: (+84) 822646020 email: [email protected]