Joe Theismann's Restaurant Gluten-Free – Alexandria – 2022

I am GF and dairy free ( and T1 diabetic) so it's always harder to find options. I went for Brunch and asked the hostess if they had a GF menu which they did. I had the steak and eggs. I asked if my eggs could be made in olive oil and not butter or pan spray, which they did and unfortunately the GF potato option had dairy in it so I asked if I could substitute maybe a side salad. the waitress said she'll check with the manager. she came back and said normally they don't but the manager said ok. ( hence why the 4 stars and not sure how the kitchen is with cc) and these fried cinnamon dough balls were brought to the table… that was a tad painful as I couldn't have them, my friends were like sorry. I always say it's ok, better I don't eat that fatty food anyways lol keeps my weight off not eating those types things! they do have GF buns for $1 extra if needed. overall they were accommodating and I will go back. not sure if full celiac friendly as I didn't fully inquire about cc and food prep. I didn't get sick and it's the next day as I write this ( I have diseases very similar to celiac)