JOEY UPTOWN, Houston (Reviews & Photos)

I had the worst dining experience at this establishment. It began wonderfully with the hostesses and our server and ended with being served raw chicken and the manager grabbing my receipt!
My entire table had received and completed their meal when I finally received mine….I ordered the exact same entrée as someone else at my table, to correct this the staff brought me a glass of the complimentary champagne for the wait and inconvenience. After I finally received my entrée and proceeded to eat, I discovered after my first few bites of my chicken-that it was raw. My chicken was not cooked properly, and this was discovered after I had already consumed it. I called over the server, showed her the issue, received an apology, and then informed her that I was still hungry. She informed me that she speed up the chicken lettuce wraps in the kitchen, so I ordered those. After waiting another 15 minutes, the lettuce wraps came out. When I received the bill, I observed that the Cajun chicken entrée was removed but I was charged for the chicken lettuce wraps. Which wasn’t necessarily an issue however I asked for the manager to come to our table to inquire about how the restaurant resolves issues when a customer has been subjected to a long wait for their entrée, then served raw food (I could have obtained food positioning and as a nursing mother passed this to my infant).
When the manager approached my table, he greeted me by stating “what’s up.” Seriously, this African American male approached my table and said, “what’s up.” I was beyond shocked by the disrespectful greeting and the managers demeanor. I then asked the manager what was the policy to ensure that customers have a wonderful experience at your restaurant. He then stated that he took off the raw chicken and spoke to the kitchen and asked, “what else did I want.” I informed him that I simply wanted a great experience and informed him of all the issues. He then stated, “I expect people to pay for what they eat and order.” I then reminded him that I couldn’t consume what I ordered as it was raw and that he did not need to become combative with me. The manager then abruptly grabbed my receipt from the table and stated, “well you don’t need to pay for anything.” I was completely dumbfounded by his level of unprofessionalism, disrespectful, and combative nature. I am not sure how your management staff is trained to interact with their customers however this was a completely inappropriate response. I also emailed this complaint to the management team at Joey Uptowns after the incident and never received a response or even an apology for this ridiculous excuse for a fine dining experience at a five star establishment.