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Selina Reyes

Great service!
The lady working in the kids cars area around 8:00pm on 3/30/22 is super nice and focused on making sure customers were content!! UT was such a good vibe. Thanks to all workers, was my first time there and I’m definitely going again.


Robbie Duran

The staff is friendly, food seemed clean. Of course the place is a little older and has so much traffic that things are starting to look worn, but it didn’t ruin our experience. The kids love this place and I didn’t second guess our decision to come here. Management walks around and makes sure the place is tidy and upkept. Always friendly and making families feel welcome and safe.


William M Fillpot

Awesome. If you are in doubt, just go here. This place is awesome. They have plenty of new games as of July 2022, the kids played them all. We met the manager today when the kids purchased a high priced ticket item, He was incredibly friendly and informative. This place is awesome.


Ben List

It’s unfortunate to see this place drop so low. 50 bucks for me, my wife and child. Buffet was not full at any point. They prioritized random pizza combos causing long lines to get a simple cheese pizza every 10 minutes. Everything else was just… non existent. Half the games were down to ticket jam or missing buttons. No attendants around to give putts for golf or to go on attractions. It’s been 20 minutes since I’ve seen someone. That being the case you know they are cleaning nothing. Don’t spend your money here. If it doesn’t make you sick, the lack of games, food and general care for the guests time should be enough to have you go somewhere, anywhere, better.


Sabrina Aguilar

We had a great time here, I usually go to the one in Riverside but that one is awful! This one is awesome though great staff, food is better, cleaner, and the majority of their games worked which was really nice. Highly recommend!