Jon Taffer talks ‘Restaurant Rivals’ with Robert Irvine, as friends become foes in food…and the return of ‘Bar Rescue’

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Jon and Robert RRChef Robert Irvine and Jon Taffer of Restaurant Rivals Irvine vs Taffer

Bar Rescue superstar Jon Taffer joins Dane Neal on WGN Radio to preview the highly anticipated series “Restaurant Rivals Irvine vs Taffer” premiering on Discovery Plus. Hear as Jon talks about making the show and how fans of both “Bar Rescue” and “Restaurant Impossible” will see the sparks fly as each takes on a restaurant in a “Dinner Take All” competition. Listen as Jon shares thoughts on the hospitality and bar industry and challenges of the last two years and current trends in cocktails. Jon shares gratitude for fans and the excitement everyone has for the new season of his hit show “Bar Rescue” as it returns March 20th on Paramount. Watch “Restaurant Rivals Irvine vs Taffer” starting March 3rd on Discovery Plus and for more information on all things going on with shows, events, appearances, products and more, be sure to check out