Jose menu in Dallas, Texas, USA

The best Mexican Food in Dallas. I tried several places around Dallas and to me this place is the best around. Latest dinner was a group of 4. Staff greeting and accommodating us was fantastic ( we were late and they held the table, allowed change in table as outside was too cold). Drinks, all their cocktails were fantastic, flavourful, and freshly made. Appetizers Coconut Ceviche, Queso, Ahi Tuna, all were simply phenomenal and flavourful and perfect size. The Tuna bites were flavourful but had a small bite in terms of heat and had some amazing textures. Mains were Shrimp Taco, Salmon, Beef enchilada, and the best Green Mole Chicken. All of the minas were what good Mexican food should be like, flavourful, delicious and simply outstanding. Then the icing, the churros. OMG have them with some Vainly ice cream. A clear 5 out of 5 well done Jose.