Kaju Tofu Restaurant | Garden Grove & Buena Park


Open since 1994, we are a Korean restaurant that specializes in a variety of “SunDuBu” (A.K.A. soft-tofu soup). The soups come out bubbling from the kitchen and are full of flavor!

One of the more popular soups include the Combination tofu soup with shrimps, oysters, clams, and beef, Mushroom tofu soup, and beef tofu soups. There are 14 flavors of soup to choose from and the spiciness ranges from White (not spicy at all) to Triple-Spicy!

For the meat lovers, we have many BBQ dishes such as our short-ribs, chicken bulgogi, spicy pork, and marinated beef bulgogi that come sizzling to your table. We also serve a variety of “Bibimbap” served on a traditional stone pot.

The food is served with a variety of “Banchan” (A.K.A. side dishes) that varies through the week and are a perfect compliment to the food in our menu.