Kappy’s American Grill menu in Morton Grove, Illinois, USA

My wife and I usually go here every weekend for breakfast. The food is great, the wait staff and servers are friendly and fast. The food ? Cooked to PERFECTION ! But it is sad to say that one bad experience OR person can take away a star. I was in food service for 26 years, but just because I am not anymore doesn’t mean that I forgot anything… like the 1st person that greets you at the door is the lasting impression you will get that will make or break another visit. I value fast friendly service, I also value food cooked with love like this restaurant does, what I don’t value is the Hostess asking me why I want to sit in a certain servers section. Sorry NOT SORRY, it’s my choice. Your job as host/hostess is to accommodate the customers needs, not make snide remarks like “Really?!” This isn’t the 1st time this has happened either. 3 strikes and that’s it, welcome to Dennis’ Reviews ! Over all the place is outstanding, Food is always fresh ! Don’t let the hostess scare you off. Come and enjoy everything else about this place.