Kiawah Island Golf Resort (Cougar Point) – South Carolina | Top 100 Golf Courses

Cougar Point is a Player design. The short first hole is welcoming. You may consider laying up as the fairway bunkers squeeze both sides of the fairway. The 2nd is a mid-length Florida par three. Large bunker in front and two back left and right. The first par five is a dogleg left with fairway bunkers on the inside and outside elbow. There is a large water hazard left to contend with on the second and third shots. Big hitters may be foolish enough to try to get home in two but it is all carry. Mortals still have a decision to make, how much to cut? The 4th is a long par four that leans left. There is a fairway bunker left. It is the number one handicap hole. The fifth has a water hazard and two fairway bunkers right. The Kiawah River parallels the hole down the left side. The sixth is a mid-length par three with carry over marsh and gunch. The 7th should be a fun hole. Short dogleg right with bunkers on the outside elbow. The fun part is water hazard short right and another left front. Foolish big hitters can try to hit a high cut to the green. Layup and you will have a flip wedge. The 8th is a short par four that is a definite birdie oppty. The 9th is a reachable par five that leans left. A water hazard runs down the entire right side and there is also OB left. Favor the right side to ensure that you are not blocked out by the left trees. Not sure why it is the number three handicap hole.

The back starts with the number two handicap hole, a long par four dogleg right. There are bunkes on the inside elbow and water all the way down the right side. Off the tee aim at the fairway bunker on the left. Take an extra cub for the uphill approach. The 11th is a short reachable par five, it really should be a 4 ½. Off the tee, if you avoid the large fairway bunker left, it is green light. Pay no attention to all those bunkers around the green. The 12th is a long par 3 with the green effectively a peninsula. Do not be embarrassed to hit driver. The 13th is a straightaway par four. The only real trouble are the fairway bunkers left. The 14th is a mid-length par three. It is rated the easiest hole on the course. The 15th is another par 5 with the green hidden behind a water hazard, this time right. Yes, the big boys can get home in two, but the rest of us need to play smart. Right of center off the tee is best, this will allow you to miss the fairway bunker left and the water hazard right. For the second shot favor the left side of the fairway to get past the trees on the right to give you a green light to the green. The 16th is a ho-hum par four, make sure you are right of the left fairway bunkers off the tee. The 17th is a short par four that leans right. There is water down the right side and an annoying tree and bunker that force you to make a decision on the tee. How hungry am I? How aggressive do I want to be? The 18th is a good finishing hole. Off the tee there is water right and on the approach there is water left. My advice is hit it straight.

An OK course that I will not play again, even if you payed.

January 12, 2021