Kimbap Paradise

About Us

Kimbap Paradise for all K-Food Fans! Kimbap is a Korean sushi roll packed with rice, lightly seasoned with salt, and a hint of sesame oil, wrapped in nori (dried seaweed), and tricked up with a variety of vegetables, mostly crunchy, along with sundry proteins. There’s a smattering of seafood options: shrimp tempura, fishcakes, tuna in a mayonnaise dressing. But otherwise, the veggies are joined by marinated beef (close to bulgogi), sausage, sliced cheese, fishcakes, kimchi, pork cutlets, pickled jalapenos, and sesame leaves. There are more menus you can choose from like Ddeokbokgi or Fried Chicken or Noodles or Pork Culet. See our menu below!