King & I Nyack Thai Cuisine

Good Ingredients

           All of our home-styled traditional Thai dishes are prepared with less oil and the freshest herbs such as lemongrass, basil leaves, cilantro, kaffir lime leaves, galangal, rhizome and ginger, creating perfectly blended and flavored dishes. At the heart of Thai cuisine are these nutrients and health herbs, spices and flavorings which provide the dashing array of delicious and exotic tastes that makes Thai cuisine so unique. You will taste the difference.

Good Location

          We are located on the bustling Main Street of Nyack. There is street-side parking as well as parking lots near our restaurant. Parking is free on the weekends.

Friendly Atmosphere

          We provide exceptionally hospitable service. Along with our comforting home-styled cooking, our friendly waitstaff will make you feel like family.

Open Space

          The restaurant space is very accommodating for all parties. We can range from intimate meals to group parties. We have plenty of space in our main dining area as well as a space towards the front with a little more privacy. 

Don’t want to dine in? We also offer pickup and delivery (free delivery in Nyack!)