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History of


1. Introduction of Sokongdong Tofu  by the 1st generation owner and founder of the franchise, Kyuil Huh, (1962)

The name, Sokongdong Tofu, is originated from a town by the name of Sokongdong in Seoul, where the business started in a small place of 13 pyung (460 sf) on the 2nd floor of a building on Nov. 26, 1962. Then, Sokongdong Tofu has become a name brand for tofu in Korea. In the 1980s, when it was introduced to Los Angeles, USA, it started to spread worldwidely.


2. Introduction of Sokongdong Jikhwakooi, a hit menu (1975)

Sokongdong Jikhwakooi is introduced by a head cook, Mr. Park, who added Jeyuk Jikhwa (roasted pork) and Kapojingo Jikhwa (roasted squid) to the menu in 1975. It attracts customers with the strong flavor of fire. Together with Sokongond Tofu, Sokongdong Jikhwakooi is one of the most popular menu items.