Kublai Khan Restaurant | Better Business Bureau® Profile

I would have rated them NO STARS if there was an option. The customer service was horrible and very unprofessional. The employee and the manager. I called in an order and ordered sushi which was California rolls, granted when you look at the menu online there is NO WHERE on there where it says EEL SAUCE. So, if you didn't know you would think it is what the description is online menu which is Cucumber, avocado, crab. Remind you i called my order in 1st time got discounted spoke to a guy and called back the 2nd time and spoke to a girl. When i repeated my order to the girl i stated NO EEL SAUCE . Once i got my order of course it had EEL SAUCE on the California rolls. I came back in spoke to the same guy who took my order the 1st time who i got disconnected from and didn't even finish taking my order, THE 1st time. Told him they put EEL SAUCE on my sushi and that i was allergic he immediately looked mean with NO CONCERN WHAT SO EVER, stated he remember taking my order and that he didn't hear me say NO EEL SAUCE , but remind you he didn't finish taking my order because the phone was disconnected. So, he immediately went to his manager and told her he had taken my order and that i didn't ask for NO EEL SAUCE , LIED. Then i saw him go to the girl who had TAKEN my order and asked her and she said no she didn't hear me say that . As if i had a reason to lie about being allergic to EEL SAUCE and requesting NO EEL on my sushi. Clearly their manager has NO BACK BONE because she didn't even come over to even speak to me or acknowledge the issue. The guy came back and said they could not remake my order instead gave me a refund immediately. Not even trying to resolve the issue at hand. I just wanted sushi without EEL SAUCE and with their TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE and MANAGEMENT this was over looked. They would rather take sushi i had taken OUT OF THE RESTAURANT, OPEN, LOOKED INSIDE, IN COVID and probably give it to another customer then to remake it. I work in retail and customer service for over 20 yrs and would have never taken care of this issue like this. You should always make your customer satisfied so they will come back and others that know you as well.