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La Cuchara is a restaurant and venue hosting weddings in Baltimore, MD. It is an ideal choice for an intimate celebration with friends and family. Foodie couples will love their menus which serve up Basque-inspired cuisine with style.

La Cuchara is located in the Woodberry neighborhood of Baltimore, defined by its green spaces and modern eateries. Of these La Cuchara stands amongst the most lauded, attracting hungry customers from across the city. Housed in an industrial red-brick building, Meadow Mill, the venue makes the most of its location. Exposed brickwork, whitewashed to create an open atmosphere, combines with girders and steel support beams for a raw, unaffected tone of urban chic. The restaurant has been decorated to accentuate this ambiance, with copper light-fixtures and Edison bulbs aplenty throughout. It is an effortlessly cool, yet genuine setting in which to celebrate your big day. Its open-plan design allows the party to dine in each other’s company, congregating over one grand communal feast. There are further salons which offer themselves to couples seeking a smaller affair, and the stylish bar sets an inviting scene for a cocktail soiree.

The restaurant’s staff can help couples decide how best to use this space, and provide support throughout their wedding celebration. Their mission is to ensure that each guest enjoys their meal in comfort and leaves both happy and well-fed. Indeed, La Cuchara is amongst the city’s finest foodie establishments. Executive chef Ben Lefenfeld and his team bring the flavors of Southern Europe to the palates of your guests. They propose a menu that features classic dishes designed to be shared amongst friends. These include bocadillos, oysters, and charcuterie boards which can be customized for vegetarian and vegan attendees. Prepared with care and creative flair, the bar’s innovative cocktail menu provides the perfect accompaniment to your meal. Couples hosting their big day at this fine restaurant can expect service with style and quality food from start to finish. Please email us directly at for more information.