La Justicia Mexican Restaurant menu in McAllen, Texas, USA

I’ve eaten at Justicia before covid and I remember the food being really tasty. So this is post covid and the food was more of a 2-star experience. I used a Groupon this time and ordered it to go….

Fairly simple order… enchiladas verdes and the fajitas. My wife said the fajita was good.. nothing over the top but good. She said the same for the rice and beans.

I had the enchiladas verdes and I was a little disappointed. I love enchiladas verdes with a tomatillo base…I didn’t taste that tangy, slightly sour taste of them (maybe needed more salt?) Plus, the bottom of the enchiladas were so soggy they would simply break apart when I would pick them up with a fork. The filling was shredded chicken which is a bad idea because those release more water which combined with the salsa added up to soggy enchiladas. Granted….I did take out…maybe eaten right when made they would’ve been better? I don’t know…but the texture was very soggy.

Overall decent place…prices are good…food might be hit or miss…and if you’re doing enchiladas don’t do to-go.