La Spiga Ristorante Italiano – Palm Desert, California

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La Spiga specializes in food that is of the highest quality, pure in its form and cooked to order. Chef Vince Cultraro's life in the kitchen began at 12 years old in the seaside resort of Marzamemi, Sicily, where he apprenticed under a under a Florentine chef at a small luxury hotel called La Marinella. Later, he moved on to Torino for his full apprenticeship.

At La Spiga, you won’t find any pre-prepared foods in our kitchen; everything is done the old fashioned way. Our full-flavored sauces are naturally reduced. Our meats are natural too, with no hormones or antibiotics. We grind our own meats, make our own sausages, flavor our own oils, fillet our own fish which we fly in daily, and offer our customers the top in freshness and quality. We choose our purveyors based on top quality ingredients of the highest standard. We use only naturally filtered water in the entire building. We use only sea salt and whenever possible organic products, we do not buy meats or fish that have been injected with water and sodium. Only line caught wild fish, and organic eggs from free range chickens.