Lakeside | Seafood Restaurant & Fine Dining | Wynn Las Vegas

From Dover sole line-caught in Holland to mahi mahi from Hawaii or rock lobsters fished out of the Mediterranean, David Middleton loves highlighting his global menu of seafood at Lakeside.

“To me, a modern American seafood restaurant should focus on finding sustainable resources wherever possible, so my goal is to feature the best wild-caught items from around the world,” says Middleton, who was named Lakeside’s executive chef in May 2021.

Named for its prime waterfront setting on Wynn’s picturesque Lake of Dreams, Lakeside enables Middleton to source everything from langoustines off the coast of Ireland to salmon out of spectacularly clear waters near New Zealand. “When you have the opportunity to work with a gorgeous fish less than two days after it was caught halfway around the planet, that’s pretty special,” Middleton notes.

Born and raised in southern California but trained in French techniques, Middleton’s approach with each dish combines the best of both worlds. “I like to keep things light because seafood can be such a delicate protein,” he explains. “Often I look at classic recipes and then update them for today’s palate. The challenge of that is half the fun.”