Las Flores Mexican Restaurant Inc menu in Wallis, Texas, USA

The place is a typical older Mexican restaurant – but for Wallis, it’s probably one of the nicer eateries. Pleasant surprise, the bar is actually in another room. There are two TVs, at opposite ends of the oblong-shaped main dining room. Driving down the street, you won’t miss it if you can see the bright yellow dollar store sign right next door. I asked if the fan above us could be turned off. He was able to do that without turning off all the fans.

Yes, we were pretty disappointed they were out of crawfish topped redfish. It was Saturday at 6pm and they were already out of redfish and flounder. (Tilapia in not my favorite.) The guy at Vincek’s Smokehouse had told us that it rivaled Pappasito’s dish!

My shrimp tacos had 8-10 small but decent shrimp in each tortilla. It came with shredded lettuce, diced tomato and shredded cheese. I took bites of rice and beans from my husband’s plate to complete my meal, but my taste buds still craved redfish. Yes, the chips were slightly stale and the green and red salsas had no kick, but the red salsa was served nice and warm.

The best thing I can say is that, upon request, they have a delicious, made-to-order habanero salsa to add real heat to the food! Maybe the locals prefer mild, but this salsa will really up the flavor level.