Lauren Boebert Mocked as Shooters Grill Restaurant Shuts Down: ‘Delicious’

Colorado Representative Lauren Boebert vowed to keep the “Shooters” brand alive after her Shooters Grill restaurant was shut down amid widespread criticism on social media.

Boebert posted a statement from herself and husband Jayson Boebert about the Rifle, Colorado, restaurant on her Twitter page on Thursday.

She captioned the post: “Thank you to everyone who believes in what Shooters Grill has always stood for! We love you.”

Ms Boebert claimed the restaurant was closing as the landlord decided not to renew their lease and she insisted the decision wasn’t political.

Despite the hopeful tone of the statement, social media users have mocked her predicament.

“In case you’re having a s**ty day, you can console yourself with the news that Lauren Boebert’s restaurant had to close because her landlord refused to renew her lease. Delicious,” author Majid M. Padellan tweeted.

“Thankfully, Lauren Boebert won’t be giving anyone else food poisoning anytime soon,” Occupy Democrats journalist Ty Ross tweeted, as she shared her report on the story.

“Boebert just another MAGA loser,” PoliticusUSA editor-in-chief Sarah Reese Jones tweeted.

“Lauren Boebert’s Shooters Grill restaurant closes after landlord refused to renew the lease.”

“Congrats to Lauren Boebert! She’s recently made a huge step towards becoming like her idol. Her first failed business,” artist Pete Woods tweeted.

Mother Jones senior news and engagement editor Inae Oh also commented on the closure and shared an article where an employee alleged Boebert pointed a loaded gun at him.

“Lauren Boebert’s restaurant is done.

“Abigail Weinberg talked to employees—including one who claimed that Boebert once pointed a loaded gun at him—and they did not hold back,” Oh tweeted.

“‘Shooters don’t make no money.’ ‘It blows my mind she was able to get elected.'”

“From the day we opened Shooters Grill, it’s been our pleasure to provide our guests with good food, good conversation and a good time,” Boebert and her husband said in their statement.

“Never in our wildest dreams did we believe that the small restaurant we opened would be a national and international symbol for the Second Amendment.

“We’ve had guests travel to Rifle, Colorado from every state and many different countries so they could experience first hand ‘the safest restaurant in America’.

“Their stories and their smiles will forever be a part of our story.”

Staff at Boebert’s gun-themed restaurant would regularly walk around openly carrying firearms as they served their customers.

Colorado is an open-carry state with a few exceptions, according to the Colorado Legal Defense Group.

Colorado has no express laws about the right to openly carry a firearm. But the right to possess a gun is generally protected under Article 2, Section 3, of Colorado’s constitution.

The Boeberts’ statement went on to explain that politics hadn’t played a role in influencing the decision for their lease not to be renewed.

The pair also insisted the Shooters brand would continue even if the restaurant would be closed.

“Serving others is a fundamental value for Jayson and me. It’s in our blood,” the statement continued.

“It is with full hearts grateful for our staff and those who have patronized our restaurant, that we announce that Shooters Grill has closed its doors after receiving a notice that our landlord would not be renewing our lease.

“This decision was his to make and was purely a business decision with no political motivation.”

“There is a time and season for everything, and God has called us to focus our time and energy elsewhere.

“While Shooters Grill is closed, stay tuned. The Shooters brand isn’t going away. There are exciting things in the works.

“Many with a political agenda will try to spin this happy transition into something that it’s not. Rest assured we will not allow them to steal our joy for all that this restaurant has meant for our family.”

Newsweek has contacted Lauren Boebert for comment.

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