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The smallest chef in the world cooks your food right onto your plate through the use of 3D projection mapping technology!

‘’In april 2015 we came up with the idea to project a little chef onto your plate. We made a video of ‘Le Petit Chef’ at our studio in Belgium, to show restaurants what the possibilities are with this concept. After we posted the video on youtube, it went viral and currently has over 30 million views on social media.”
“At first we were overwhelmed with the reaction to Le Petit Chef,” Filip Sterckx admits. “We hoped we could do one or two events with this concept, but when the video went viral our mailbox exploded with inquiries from all over the world! Since then we’ve created five different dishes, from appetizer, main dish to dessert, transporting you from a snowy landscape to a tropical island, all while staying seated at your table. The experience is whimsical and fun, for ages from 1 to 100. Seeing our thumb sized chef projected on your table creates an unforgettable night out.”

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After creating several different ‘Le Petit Chef’ dishes, we came up with the idea to create a full dinner show, named ‘Le Petit Chef in the footsteps of Marco Polo’.
More information: Le Petit chef in the footsteps of Marco Polo

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Le Petit Chef has been shown in in several tv-shows over the world and has entertained many famous guests, among which Hugh Jackman. The concept has been shown at several events, lightfestivals, tv-shows and has been installed in over 50 restaurants worldwide, ranging from Paris, Shanghai, Dubai, Sint-Petersburg, Hong Kong, London, Berlin, Brussels, Amsterdam, Utrecht, Dusserldorf, Frankfurt, Zurich, Riga, Helsinki, Madrid, Mallorca, Taipei, Girona, Ostuni, Shenzen, Moscow, Tokyo, Abu Dhabi, Bangkok, Shanghai …

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Filip Sterckx + Antoon Verbeeck
Directed by Filip Sterckx
3D Modeling + Animation: Filip Sterckx, Antoon Verbeeck, Birgit Sterckx, Paulina Zybinska

Restaurants & Events

Shanghai, China: Restaurant Jade on 36
New York, USA: Pepsi Heaquarters
Hong Kong, China: Restaurant Bungalow
Celebrity Cruises Edge
Celebrity Cruises Reflection
Celebrity Cruises Silhouette
Celebrity Cruises Infinity
Celebrity Cruises Eclipse
Tokyo, Japan Food Exhibition Mitsubishi Shokuhin Co., Ltd. (2016)
Moscow, Russia Exposition Smit Space
Morelia, Mexico Fima: Light Festival
Korea, Exhibition ‘Future City in 2030’
Seoul, Korea Kidamo Restaurant
Girona, Spain FIMG Light festival (2015)
Spanish TV-Show El Hormiguero Le Petit Chef featuring Hugh Jackman (2015)
Ostuni, Italy Glow Festival: International Video Mapping Festival (2016)
Amsterdam, Netherlands Mediabites Festival (2016)
Delhi, India Mojoland (2016)
Saint-Petersburg, Russia Restaurant (2016)
Bangkok, Thailand Restaurant (2017)
Brussels, Belgium Anima – Animation Festival (2017)
Nikolino, Russia Restaurant (2017)
Leuven, Belgium Wintertijd, Christmas Market at our hometown Leuven (2016 & 2017 & 2018)
Lille, France Video Mapping Festival (2017)
Scottsdale Arizona, USA Event
Neufchateu, France Le Trait d’Union (2017)
Riga, Latvia Staro Riga Lightfestival (2017)
Shenzhen, China InterContinental Hotel (2017)
Barneveld, Netherlands Exhibition Food! Eten in de kunst en design van nu: Museum Nairac (2018)
Hamburg, Germany Ambiente Fair 2018: Food exhibition (2018)
Helsingborg, Sweden Drömljus Light festival (2018)
Amiens, France Safra’Numériques (2018)
Oostende, Belgium 3D World Magic And fun (2017 & 2018)
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