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Learn a new language online

FutureLearn’s online language courses are perfect for any language learner, whether you’re a complete beginner or someone who wants to improve their vocabulary and skills for a specific use or context. We have courses from the world’s top universities and well-known educators to help you expand your horizons and career prospects.

Flexible learning at your own pace

Everybody learns differently, especially when it comes to picking up new languages. Whether you fly through the course or want to review slowly to improve your confidence, you can work at your own pace. Our courses are available on tablet, mobile, or desktop, and fit around your schedule for complete flexibility.

More than just vocabulary

Learning a new language is more than just memorizing words – it’s immersing yourself in a new culture and way of seeing the world. We offer a variety of courses that help you understand that new culture better and uncover new ways of communicating within your professional and social life.

Find the perfect language course

Choose a short course for a focused outcome or try one of our programs for a more holistic approach to learning a new language. If you’re just starting out, begin your journey with one of the introductory or basic courses to build a solid foundation. When you’ve completed that stage, you can move on to more specific courses to improve your pronunciation, build your understanding for academic or professional environments, or simply move onto the next step within the course series.

Languages and employability

Learning another language can help you boost your career and even your income. Depending on your location and industry, a second language on your CV could increase your income by up to 10-15%, with sales, marketing, and technical support seeing the biggest changes. Studies have shown that the most popular languages among employers include German and Mandarin, while English is still the lingua franca for business.