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This comprehensive course suits those that need to record and account for Sales and Purchase transactions. We begin with an introduction to bookkeeping and accounting that introduces you to assets and liabilities on the balance sheet, common business records and the Accounting Equation. We then examine sales tax and coding for sales invoices and credits and show you how to prepare customer statements and make entries into daybooks.

The course then covers the purchasing process and the documents involved. We explain how to check purchase invoices for approval and code them for analytical purposes before transferring the transactions into the ‘purchase’ and ‘purchase returns’ daybooks while you perform creditor reconciliations.

If you are interested in accounting as a career or work in retail and want to learn new abilities, this is the training course for you. Sign up to gain new skills such as recording sales transactions in daybooks and reading and preparing invoices. This course can open doors for you if you feel stifled in your job so sign up to find new opportunities.

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