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What Is Blender?

Blender Animation is an open source, 3D animation tool designed to build visual effects for movies, games, printed models, or other simulation applications. It uses 3D modeling to create realistic effects across the entire 3D pipeline from modeling to rendering to video editing. It’s a community project with input from hundreds of community members. It features production level camera and object tracking, a wide array of modeling tools (including full N-gon support), and a powerful built-in tracer engine (Cycles). It allows you to draw 2D directly in the program and contains high-level support for character animation.

Learn Blender Animation

Blender tutorials are easy to find because of its open source nature. The Basics of Blender handles using the graph editor, basic animation, creating blender files, and other foundations. Mastering the program gives you the skills to create not only movies or video games but models for 3D printing or rendering realistic prototypes. Character animation also allows you to build renderings for facial reconstructions, seen in many historical documentaries imagining what famous figures or missing persons may have looked like. Those 3D views give us insight into cases, histories, and questions we have about the past.

Blender Animation Courses and Certifications

edX can help you build the skills you need in Blender for a variety of careers and creative pursuit. First-time users can take The Basics of 3D Modeling and 3D Animation with Blender (both in partnership with ITT Bombay), which help you build critical skills with the program including insert keyframe, object mode, edit mode, and add-ons. Other more in-depth options include certification courses from ITT Bombay in 3D Visualization or 3D Architectural Visualization. You get a wide range of skills to complete your projects and provide employers with 3D modeling for a new age of business needs.

Ignite Your Career with Blender Animation

Whether you’re creating movies or games or you’re building realistic renderings for architecture, Blender is one of the most comprehensive programs available. It’s open source with full community support. edX’s tutorial series, certification options, and video tutorials give you the tools you need to build Blender 3D best practices and explode your career and your creativity. Launch the next big game or pull heartstrings with a short film. Shed light on people from the past or create the building of the future. Blender makes all this possible.