Learn Graphic Design with Online Courses, Classes, & Lessons

What Is Graphic Design?

Graphic Designers communicate visually through a combination of topography, illustration, typography, photography, and any other visual communication method. They design things like ads, product packaging, motion graphics, editorials, and a host of other products that require a message. Graphic artists employ all their skills to make sure a message gets across to the public, whether it’s something simple like a business card or a web page for a business. Graphic design requires a discerning eye and knowledge of the tools that make building graphic design projects possible.

Learn Graphic Design

Although many graphic design students go on to get their B.F.A., some graphic design learners use online courses and certifications to gain experience and demonstrate their mastery of basic design concepts. Companies use graphic designers to build unique user experiences (UX) in mobile apps, web design, and product packaging. Design firms are in high demand to execute high-level work for enterprises. A career in graphic design could be a rewarding way to help companies find their unique voice.

Free Graphic Design Beginner Courses

edX offers a plethora of graphic design classes to choose from that will teach you core principles such as color theory, design theory, design process, etc. NYU offers creative coding, an introduction to graphic design class, which teaches topics found in typical beginner programming and coding courses. You will learn graphic design basics such as the fundamentals of computational thinking, best practices for designing software, and much more basic principles. Whether you are a graphic designer, UX/UI designer, web designer, or accessibility designer, this course will arm you with fundamental coding skills using javascript and other languages as a method of expression.

Online Graphic Design Courses and Certifications

Graphic design skills translate to a wide range of projects and fields. EdX offers a variety of free courses in partnership with well-respected institutions. UC San Diego provides the fundamentals of Computer Graphics, giving you the ability to create realistic 3D renderings in real time and using ray tracing. You could take advantage of the emergence of Data Science as an in-demand career and learn to create data visualizations that help businesses discover insights and relay that message to both in house teams and customers with Tsinghua University. You can receive certification in 3D Modeling, a fast-growing subfield of graphic design with IIT Bombay or take UC San Diego’s certification series in Virtual Reality App Development. The range of courses should help you hone skills needed to model and visualize in a wide range of fields.

Start A Career With Graphic Design Classes

Your classic tools, Adobe Illustrator and InDesign, get a boost with some state of the art 3D tools like Blender. It’s possible to build a career as an art director or graphic artist and offer design services that companies need to develop visuals for the new era of technology. Although the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts the field will grow slightly below average growth for fields, combining those skills with your existing computer science or data science skills could make your services in higher demand. Build your professional portfolio and discover what this field can offer.