Learn Hospitality with Online Courses, Classes, & Lessons

What Is Hospitality?

Hospitality includes every aspect of the guest experience. The hospitality industry is big business, bringing in billions of dollars a year around the world. Whether it’s food service, hotels, or even casinos and events, tourists are ready to spend big dollars to unwind. Hospitality management is a steady industry. There are four different segments – food and beverage, travel and tourism, lodging, and recreation – and all take careful planning to execute the best customer experience. Building a career in hospitality is a rewarding one full of interesting people and plenty of creative problem-solving.

Learning Hospitality

Hospitality goes beyond just the front desk. The entire customer experience must be mapped and carefully considered to make sure your guests keep coming back. It includes hotel management, food service, event planning, and a variety of other moving parts. With the advent of social media and big data, hospitality technology is also a growing field.

Hospitality Courses and Certifications

Learning about hospitality has never been easier. EdX.org’s courses, offered in partnership with seasoned hospitality professionals and institutions, give you the chance to build a foundation in critical aspects of hospitality management. Hong Kong Polytechnic Univerisity offers a micro-masters degree in international hospitality management, perfect for our increasingly connected world. You’ll learn leadership skills, hospitality best practices, and how to evaluate luxury goods and experiences. You can also learn about aspects of hospitality such as sustainability tourism (Wageningen), tourism and travel management (University of Queensland) or the culture of customer service (Kyoto University). Courses with EdX build an understanding of all the moveable parts of hospitality and how they fit together to create an unforgettable customer experience.

Ignite Your Career in Hospitality

Hospitality is a lucrative industry filled with avenues that demand careful planning and excellent management. Understanding what goes into creating a hospitality service is critical as the world gets smaller and competition grows more fierce. You could use courses from EdX to build your understanding of the underlying principles of hospitality and the way human behavior sometimes creates a counterintuitive service profile. You’ll be able to work with your human resources department to build effective guest services, and finally crack the tourism management code. There are so many ways to make a career in hospitality. Your knowledge and expertise can help create magic for families on holiday and organizations planning events. It’s a vital career that shows steady growth, and with billions of dollars at stake, you’ll find your place in no time.