Learn Insurance with Online Courses, Classes, & Lessons

What is Insurance?

Insurance is the idea of paying a monthly fee or premium in order to mitigate emergency expenses that can take a significant toll on your finances. Common types of insurance include car insurance, renters insurance, life insurance, and health insurance. There are many types of insurance. Basically, any area that could be a determining factor in ruining your wealth safety net can be insured to make sure that it doesn’t sink you in the event of a disaster. Insurance policies are complex, and it’s essential to learn what you can about how insurance works, whether you’re looking for insurance quotes or want to build a career in the field.

Learn about Insurance

The complexity of insurance can make it difficult to understand how your policies work. It’s a balance of risk and reward, with insurance companies trying to weigh what you must pay each month with the potential for having to make a claim. It’s worth exploring the field of insurance, including risk management, and to understand how these plans come into place and how insurance premiums are decided. If you plan to make a career in the insurance industry, this is a vital understanding.

Insurance Courses and Certifications

edX offers a wide range of courses in all aspects of insurance in partnership with leaders in the field. You can learn about everything from actuarial science to the concepts behind health plans. You can study Actuarial Science with ANU and learn what goes into designing risks and insurance premiums. Doane offers a course on the Essentials of Lifestyle Medicine and Population Health, including insurance options that benefit a wide range of people. HKU offers a course on Blockchain in FinTech, which does affect the future of insurance products. You’ll learn how things like insurance rates could be better managed using the enhanced security of blockchain technology.

Insurance Fundamentals in Everyday Life

Almost everyone will interact with insurance at some point, from auto policies to home insurance. If you want to understand more about your coverage options or use your knowledge to become an insurance agent, edX.org can get you on the right track. Understanding the ins and outs of insurance gives you an advantage when searching and when learning about the field for your own career options. The complex nature of insurance uses a variety of models for understanding risk and reward, so build that knowledge with the right courses and certifications right here.