Learn Nutrition with Online Courses, Classes, & Lessons

What is Nutrition?

Nutrition is a science concerned with the utilization of food by an organism. Nutrition, when applied to human food consumption, seeks to find the best combination and quantity of nutrients for growth, health, vitality and a long life. This involves studying the nutritional components of foods and their impact on the body and understanding the nutritional requirements of people of various ages, sizes and activity levels. Nutritionists study the relationship between diet, health and disease and focus on designing meals and nutrition programs that lead to healthier lifestyles.

Online Health and Nutrition Courses and Programs

Gain a better understanding of how food and nutrition impacts your health. Learn about how the three macronutrients, fat, carbohydrates and protein, are used to create energy for the body and how too much of these can lead to health problems. Wageningen University & Research in the Netherlands offers self-paced nutrition courses that go in-depth into the issues of obesity and malnutrition and the health problems associated with each. Understand the nutritional value and basic chemistry of vitamins and minerals and the role they play in the body. Learn about various food production strategies that can help combat malnutrition and reduce global hunger. Enroll in this 2-course program to understand nutrition facts and change the way you look at food.

Learn about the science behind fine dining with Science & Cooking: From Haute Cuisine to Soft Matter Science from Harvard University. In this free online course, students will learn about how molecules influence flavor, how heat impacts cooking and will engage in lab experiments in their own kitchens to learn first-hand the scientific principles behind cooking.

Have you ever been concerned about the risks of bacteria or pesticides in your food? Are you confused about how different meats need to be cooked to reduce the risk of illness? Learn how to separate fact from fiction in food safety with a free online course that gives an overview of food hazards along with ways to steer clear of them. Wageningen’s free online course, Nutrition and Health: Food Risks, is a 10-week program that can help you stay healthy and safe in the kitchen or anywhere food is prepared or consumed.

Become a Nutritionist

Are you passionate about health and nutrition and would love to help educate others to develop healthy eating habits? A career as a nutritionist may be right for you. In addition to an undergraduate degree in food science, biology or similar field, nutritionists are often required to get a special nutrition certification in order to practice in the field. Enroll in online nutrition courses to learn more about this exciting career. Courses are free and self-paced so you can start learning today.