Learn Social Work with Online Courses, Classes, & Lessons

What Is Social Work?

Social Workers, at their core, serve people who are in need. Although most people think of children when thinking of social services, a variety of other vulnerable people take advantage of social services as well, including the elderly, veterans of military service, the homeless, and victims of substance abuse. Social workers help people locate and receive the services they need to increase their quality of life and provide healthcare services advice for those suffering from chronic conditions and mental health conditions that make it challenging to receive the full range of services. Many social workers receive bachelor’s degrees and move on to master’s in social work degrees to be able to perform their tasks.

Learn About Social Work

The social work profession involves a complex mixture of social welfare, social justice, and human services. Programs designed to increase living standards aren’t always easy to navigate, and social workers help make navigating those programs easier. Social workers must learn case management, problems in public health, and to some extent, human behavior in order to provide the best solutions for the vulnerable.

Social Work Courses and Certifications

The University of Michigan offers a micro-masters in the principles of social work, including courses in policy, practice, and research. You can learn about community organization and social justice, how social work applies to families and children, and the research into human behavior and sociology that informs the practice of social work. Other courses include Berkeley’s series on emotional intelligence and empathy, the University of Edinburgh’s Social Work Research Method, and a series on psychology from the University of British Columbia. Other options could include working with government agencies to provide benefits on a larger scale and how to help clients on an individual level.

Explore a Career in Social Work

Social work and human health services provide better standards of living for communities and individuals. Social workers are responsible for the health and well-being of society’s most vulnerable groups, and whether you work in private practices or for the state, your contribution to the welfare of communities is a valuable contribution to the larger society. Receiving the knowledge you need to succeed in this critical yet challenging field is easier with the resources provided by edX in addition to any MSW programs or non-profit work. Whether it’s child welfare, substance abuse, mental health, or elderly care, your social work program can save lives, improve standard of living, and allow people the dignity and care they need to live well.