Learn Software Development with Online Courses, Classes, & Lessons

What Is Software Development?

Software development is creating, building, and then maintaining applications, frameworks, and other projects. It’s more than just having a great idea. It’s knowing how to build your idea into a real-world application or framework, test it, and fix any bugs that pop up. It’s problem-solving until your product is viable and maintaining your product throughout its lifecycle.

What Software Developers Do?

Software developers build web and software applications to solve problems and provide services. Information systems is a huge field because every aspect of our lives has changed because of computer programming. Basic programming languages like java or python help software engineers build projects ranging from small to enterprise solutions. Application development is a prerequisite for employment in a variety of fields, so software design needs to find elegant solutions to solve customers’ issues. Computer programmers are problem solvers and innovators for business applications.

Learn Software Development

Programming languages are fundamental, so courses teaching the basics of javascript, python, SQL, and any other frameworks are critical. You also need to understand the development of software from inception to testing and maintenance beyond. It also helps to have training in creating UX/UI for reliable user interfaces. Other skills could be Agile as well as platform-specific knowledge (think Android or iOS).

Software Development Courses and Certifications

Certification courses get you started on the basic programming languages, Javascript from the University of Pennsylvania for example. Once you’ve developed skills in those languages and operating systems, software engineering expands to things like object oriented design and designing enterprise solutions. You can also learn design patterns to build platforms for data science, opening you up to multiple career paths. The software development life cycle is always changing, so a steady stream of courses and certifications can keep your skills relevant. Bigger solutions with Microsoft’s courses in both enterprise solutions and international software development could launch you into development environments bigger than just a trendy app. Businesses are becoming more global and you could find solutions in software programs that allow their mission to reach more people.

Explore a Career in Software Development

Software Development is a highly lucrative and in-demand skill that translates to careers in a variety of fields. As long as there are web applications, there will be a need for end-to-end skills in computer engineering. Businesses and organizations are looking for developers who can build those business applications and use principles like Agile software development and test-driven development to build either the next big thing or the thing that finally solves their target customer’s problems.