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Where can I work as a tax preparer?

A certified tax preparer has several rewarding career opportunities that they can qualify for. After completing your program and becoming certified, you can start your own business managing tax filings for your clients, find seasonal work with tax prep agencies, or take the first steps toward a career as an accountant working for accounting firms, franchise tax businesses, law firms, and more.

What does a tax preparer do?

Tax preparers compile tax and financial information for individuals and businesses to accurately file local, state, and federal tax paperwork. Some of their regular responsibilities include:

  • Preparing tax returns using an electronic filing system
  • Computing taxes owed by following tax codes and reviewing financial records like income statements
  • Advising clients against tax liabilities

What is the career outlook for a tax preparer?

Taxes are filed by almost all individuals and all businesses in the United States, meaning that tax preparers are always needed. With that in mind, the greatest need for skilled tax preparers is during tax season – usually January to April each year – making it the best time to find work in the position.

How long does it take to become a certified tax preparer?

Becoming a certified tax preparer involves education, training, and successfully passing industry exams. The length of time it takes to become one can vary based on your schedule and pace, but many students can complete the flexible online training in as little as a few months.