Learn Woodworking and Carpentry in this free online training course


This course introduces you to carpentry and its technical terms, such as ‘finish’ and ‘rough’ carpentry. We lay out the career opportunities in the construction industry as we study the basic skills of a modern carpenter. We then explain the industry’s employee and employer safety obligations. We study the different building materials used by carpenters, such as lumber, plywood, building boards and engineered wood products. The course demonstrates how to calculate the correct quantities of required materials for different projects.

We then study different fasteners, including nails, staples, screws, bolts and anchors. The course covers the guidelines for drilling anchor holes in hardened concrete or masonry and investigates the uses of epoxy anchors. We compare various glues, adhesives and mastics and study the different hand and power tools commonly used in construction. The course also covers essential safety guidelines for their use that apply both in the home and on work sites.

Carpentry is an ancient trade, but new woodworking techniques and safety obligations are still emerging. This makes it important for even experienced carpenters to keep learning about their industry, whether it’s a career or hobby. This course provides a comprehensive overview of basic woodworking skills and requirements, which can help you kickstart your carpentry career or just tackle some important projects around the house.

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