Learning Virtually | Instructional and Information Technology Services (IITS) | CSUSM

  • Avoid wearing baseball caps or hats that extend beyond the forehead
  • If using a notebook computer, place it on a firm surface like a desk or table, not your lap.
  • If the webcam is built into the screen, avoid making screen adjustments after the
    exam starts. A common mistake is to push the screen back, resulting in only the top
    portion of the face being recorded.
  • Don’t lie down on a couch or bed while taking an exam. There is a greater chance you’ll move out of the video frame
    or change your relative position to the webcam.
  • Don’t take an exam in a dark room. If the details of your face don’t show clearly during the webcam check, the automated
    video analysis is more likely to flag you as missing.
  • Avoid backlighting situations, such as sitting with your back to a window. The general rule is to have
    light in front of your face, not behind your head.
  • Select a distraction-free environment for the exam. Televisions and other people in the room can draw your attention away
    from the screen. Other people that come into view of the webcam may also trigger flags
    by the automated system.
  • Verify with your instructor if the quiz/exam is open-book or closed-book.
    • If open book, be sure to have all the materials you need prior to starting the quiz/exam.
    • If closed book, be sure to have your desk clear and your phone put away prior to starting
      the exam.