LearnWorlds Reviews, Demo & Pricing – 2022

A great product for a remote workforce.

I think the overall experience we have had with LearnWorlds has been very positive, and there are many features we have yet to explore and use to its full potential.


As a company that has a large remote workforce, we needed the flexibility to move to an online learning platform. We have a lot of resources that, prior to 2020, would be delivered in a face to face classroom or on site. Now, we can offer resources, more widely, not only to equip our workforce, but to be used by others. Support is great, and when we have questioned a particular feature that hasn't been available, they have often sent our query to product development and it soon pops up.


We do use this platform as our main website. As it is primarily designed to be an online learning platform, it can sometimes be a little clunky in places. Having said this, benefits far outweigh the inconveniences and most 'drag and drop' style of website building platforms don't have the complete flexibility of bespoke sites either. I would, as the overall administrator, love to be able to 'lock' the theme so other users can't pick other colours and styles for various things such as backgrounds and buttons.

Reasons for choosing LearnWorlds

We chose Learnworlds as it was better value for money – enabled more courses and options.