Lemonade Pet Insurance Review 2022 | MarketWatch®

Here are the current Lemonade pet insurance plans and additional add-ons that you can purchase for your pet today:

Accident and Illness Plan

Lemonade offers one standard pet insurance plan that covers both accidents and illnesses, including injuries, poisonings, broken bones, sprains, infections, general sicknesses, cancer, heart disease, hip dysplasia, hernias, skin conditions and more. It covers the cost of vet bills related to those incidents or conditions, such as hospitalization, diagnostics, lab work, surgery, emergency care and prescription medication.

Add-On Coverage

Vet visit fees add-on: For around $2–$5 per month for cats and $3–$8 per month for dogs, Lemonade offers this add-on to help pet owners pay for exam fees that they accrue when visiting the vet. This coverage isn’t included in Lemonade’s standard accident and illness policy.

Physical therapy add-on: This add-on typically costs around $1–$3 extra per month, and it covers physical therapy treatments, such as acupuncture and chiropractic care, which aren’t included in the standard accident and illness policy.

Preventative care add-ons: For preventative care, Lemonade offers two plans for pet parents looking for coverage on their pet’s routine care. They come at different price points and coverage levels. The less expensive plan covers a wellness exam, a fecal test, three vaccines, a heartworm test and a blood test, and the more expensive one adds coverage for flea, tick and heartworm medications and routine dental cleaning.

Note: Lemonade increases the coverage and cost of the second preventative care option if your pet is under 2 years old.

Preventative Care Add-On Cost

Lemonade Preventative Package: At a lower monthly cost of around $15–$20 for dogs and $10–$15 for cats, the preventative care coverage comes with the following treatments with certain per-item limits depending on your policy’s reimbursement rate: