Lemonade Renters Insurance Review (2022)



Customer Reviews

In our review process, we scoured Lemonade’s third-party ratings and customer reviews. Lemonade is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau and is not rated by the organization, but does display reviews left by real customers.

Here is some of what customers have had to say in their Lemonade renters insurance reviews on the BBB.

Leandro B said:

“Magnificent customer service and unmatchable prices. I’ve had Lemonade Renters insurance for a year. Now that I’m moving I won’t be able to continue with them and I’m heartbroken as I absolutely love their customer service. Everything is easy and communication is informal and fast. You set it all up online and if you ever need anything they’ll text you right away and do whatever you need even before you ask. The portal is easy to navigate and everything you need is accessible.”

Brandon T said:

“My first claim with them went without a hitch. I may have gotten lucky, but my agent was very expeditious, personal, and professional. My only wait was for my police report to be approved and my deposit to clear. The app is easy to navigate, serving as an all-in-one solution for help, policy coverage, payment interface, and claims interface with both AI and human agents. Easy app, great agents/adjusters, competitive policy pricing, quick turn around times, and the philanthropic aspect is the cherry on top to this modern day solution to renter’s insurance. Hope you guys move into the auto insurance industry in the near future.”

Mary R said:

“I’ve had Lemonade policies for a couple of years, but now that I’ve filed a claim (that is close in number to my deductible but a police report was filed as it was a commercial burglary), Lemonade doesn’t respond!!! Go w your car insurance company for renter’s instead. I’ll never use them again.”

Melanie M said:

“I thought they were great for a while because their website is nice and the premium was cheap. I had renter’s insurance with them, and I moved last summer (to a bigger city) and I found out that they changed my deductible from $250 to about $2500, with only a $12 premium, without clearly telling me that they were changing it. I tried to change it on the website but I was unable to change it. I emailed them and they said they couldn’t change it. I feel that they were deceitful about this, and as a customer, I would rather pay $35 per month for a $250 deductible than $12 per month for a $2500 deductible. I switched to GEICO where I am basically doing that.”