The Restaurant

Lenoir is named for the grape with hardy rootstock growing all over the Texas Hill Country, an homage to the beauty of this part of the state. Since opening early in 2012, our focus has always been on cooking the best of what Central Texas has to offer with spice, heat and robust flavor. At Lenoir, we celebrate seasonal Texas ingredients, we cook for the season (and the weather – hot!) and we serve it with fantastic beer and wine from great grower-producers all over the world.

The People

Todd Duplechan and Jessica Maher met while honing their cooking skills in NYC. Todd is a native Texan, raised in the Dallas area by Cajun and German-American parents. Jess is a native of New Jersey, raised in Northern Nevada by parents with strong Irish and Spanish roots. Both of their families taught them to grow food and to cook it thoughtfully as a gift to the people they love. Both were drawn to restaurants and cooking as a means to travel and learn as much about cooking and food culture as possible. And both felt there was no better home than Austin, TX for a farm-to-table, mom-and-pop restaurant to share all of their experiences with others.

At Lenoir, Todd and Jess work side-by-side on all matters that pertain to the restaurant, along with a talented, thoughtful kitchen and service staff, without whom this small business would not exist. Restaurants are really people businesses, above all, and Lenoir exists to serve a community with good food, drink, friendliness and humor.

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