Lin Garden Restaurant | Round Taiwan Round

For many years, Lin Garden Restaurant has been a popular wedding venue in Taichung, but besides hosting truly memorable occasions, this hotel also has a welcoming restaurant on the first floor — Las Vegas Buffet, serving up a plethora of fresh seafood and all kinds of delicious dishes that you can (or can’t) imagine.

The cheekily chunky sashimi comes in many different varieties such as nigiri sushi, and the shrimps are sweet, succulent and full of flavor — a sure sign of its freshness. If you’re an oyster lover, you’ve been warned: the briny, plump sensation of the oyster in your mouth will be far beyond your usual experience, and the very generous serving will leave you satiated and ready to come back for more. For all seafood junkies out there, this place will definitely have you hooked. What’s worth noting is the clay pot loaded with fresh ingredients in the broth of your choice, which is quite a rarity at all-you-can-eat restaurants in Taiwan. Almost every dish is freshly prepared on-site. For desserts and drinks, you have Häagen-Dazs ice cream and popular beers to satisfy a craving or to simply spoil yourself.

After years of operation, the restaurant now looks a bit worn out, but the food quality is well worth it. If you decide to put Las Vegas Buffet on your bucket list, make sure you go on a empty stomach. Bon appétit!