LITTLE BEAST RESTAURANT, Los Angeles – Tripadvisor Reviews

Run away from this place. The food is good and the location funky, but the service and management was bad, even infuriating. It’s really not that difficult to address problems when they occur, but the Little Beast kept finding ways to make things worse. Despite…repeated (and clearly empty) promises that “it would only be 5-10 more minutes,” (over and over) we weren’t seated until about an hour after our reservation. The manager ultimately took us to our table, apologized and offered us free hummus and a round of drinks for our inconvenience. We said fine and were prepared to forgive (the hummus is quite tasty), but of course when the bill arrived, we’d been charged for everything! I can’t remember having a more irritating, unpleasant evening.

The longer version. . . I made a reservation on the strong recommendation of a local friend. After struggling to predict how long it would take to get there in LA traffic, we arrived half an hour early for our 7:30 reservation. The place was busy with lots of people hanging around. We checked in and were told that we couldn’t be seated until our reservation – which we expected. We bought a drink at the bar and waited. The location is a converted house, giving it a cool, funky vibe. Beginning around 7:45, we started checking in with the hostess. She responded that “Your table has already paid, it will only be about 5-10 more minutes.” At 8:00, “your table has already paid, it will only be about 5-10 more minutes.” At 8:10, “It will just be another 5-10 minutes.” Meanwhile, lots of other groups are being seated (though there seemed to be others similarly annoyed at the long wait times). Eventually, the manager came out around 8:20 to say (you guessed it) that the group at our table “had just paid and it should only be 5-10 more minutes.” The worst part was they didn’t seem terribly ashamed to be repeating this nonsense. And I get it, making a reservation at 7:30 doesn’t magically entitle you to a table at exactly 7:30, but this was ridiculous.

We were eventually seated by the manager himself shortly before 8:30. At our table, he apologized for the wait and offered us free hummus and said “the first round of drinks are on us.” The hummus was delicious and, while annoyed, we were prepared for the evening not to be ruined. Our server was friendly and attentive, and the food was quite good (we had the steak, the pork and the chicken – all were delicious). Things were going reasonably well, and then the bill came; they had charged us for the hummus and the first round of drinks! We were immediately back to being angry. Seriously, how hard is it to figure this out? Rather than hunting down the manager (again!) and having another fight, we just paid and left.