Little River Inn Restaurant menu in Little River, California, USA

Little River Inn offers a nice menu for dinner with something for everyone. The large outdoor seating area is nicely heated with the table decently spaced apart. I do wish they had better chairs.
We ordered the chopped salad to start off with and it was delicious with the Penny Royal cheese, and other fresh ingredients nicely tossed in a flavorful vinaigrette. For our main course we some how both landed on the chicken which was a generous portion and quite fulfilling. The chicken itself was on the salty side, but fine. Earlier that day we coincidentally met the chef while wine tasting in the Anderson Valley, he was very nice and at the conclusion of our meal we were surprised with a complementary desert (a berry cobbler), which was yum. If you’re going to have a mixed drink here, the coastal mirage was very well made. Our server was nice and I appreciated her candid feedback with the wine selection, I enjoyed the McNab cab.