Live Bait Restaurant menu in Orange Beach, Alabama, USA

Not really sure what’s with all the negative reviews, other than it has fairly recently changed hands and is not the same restaurant as before. It’s been 10 years since I was here last, and I do remember it being fine, not enough to compare it to what it is now. But, this review is based on my most recent dinner experience. And it was overall great!

Our waitress was also a bartender, and the other bartender also checked in on us. They got busier and still managed to take care of us, too! We took forever to order so we appreciated the patience and helpfulness. Those ladies were hustling, though!

I will say dinner options didn’t seem overly appealing for whatever reason, hence why it took us so long to order, but the appetizers sounded amazing! So my husband and I opted for a few of those to share for our meals instead. We each started with a caesar salad. My husband had a dryer salad and mine definitely had a lot more dressing, but we were both satisfied with those. I actually prefer more dressing. Then we shared several appetizers following the salads.

We ordered the calamari, the portion was a bit small, but the breading was light and crispy. We also got the 1/2 pound Crab Claws – sautéed style (maybe about 30 smaller claws, I had expected fewer and larger ones instead) but they were delicious. Lots of garlic and butter! We also had the Firecracker Shrimp and Rockefeller Oysters. My husband ordered the “Shark bite” mixed drink special. He said it was great. I had really wanted Rosé wine, but they didn’t have much of a wine selection. A few whites and maybe a red. I settled for beer instead. All in all, it was all good and there were no leftovers!