Loans For Bad Credit – Direct UK Lender – Everyday Loans

A mark on your credit history lasts for 6 years or more in some cases, but a lot can change in that time. We believe that people who may have had bad credit deserve a second chance. That is why we offer loans to people who have had some issues with their credit in the past. Where other lenders and banks would turn down your request, we can consider a wider range of credit scores and situations.

To be eligible for one of our loans you must be over 18 and employed however, we will assess other factors when reviewing your application.

Tailored Local Lending

We have a team of experts at all of our local branches that can help you. If you receive conditional approval for a loan from us, they will set up a face to face meeting to finalise the offer. During this meeting, we will get to know you better and review how you manage money, your financial obligations and your unique circumstances. This allows us to offer loans to a wider variety of customers than lenders that just rely on automated credit scoring.

During our meeting, we will decide if we are able to provide you with a final loan offer. If you are approved, a member of our team will explain the offer to you and finalise the loan.

Responsible Lending

At Everyday Loans, we provide responsible loans to all of our customers. Our goal is to be fair and honest with every potential client and help those that qualify secure one of our loans.

We meet with each of our customers to review their loan offer and explain the obligations outlined in the agreement. We also complete a full assessment of each person’s finances. All the data we collect during this meeting is secured and processed in compliance with UK GDPR and DPA regulations.

During the meeting, we ask all of our customers a number of questions about their finances and we request that they provide the most accurate information possible. We also encourage people to do some research so they understand common terms and ideas used in lending, such as APR and credit score. If there is something that a potential customer does not understand, our experts will be happy to explain further.

We also ask customers to inform us if there is a change in their financial situation. For example, if they have an unexpected expense and can not make a payment. In cases like this, we can work together to find alternative arrangements to manage the loan.

If you are struggling to get an unsecured loan due to bad credit, Everyday Loans may be able to help. We offer customers a personal approach to lending, so why not get in touch today or begin your application now.