Loans Like Safety Net Credit, Apply for Loans Like Safety Net

Who are Safety Net Credit?

Safety Net are an online lender that provides flexible credit limits rather than a traditional loan agreement. Applicants can apply for a credit limit up to a maximum of £1000, capped at £500 for new customers. It works similarly to other credit limit facilities such as an overdraft, where customers can borrow within the limit.

Rather than a set repayment amount, a minimum monthly repayment is required, just like with a credit card. This is taken either automatically from your bank tài khoản or manually. This works by allowing read-only access of your bank tài khoản balance to Safety Net. Customers can opt-in for smart top-ups, where Safety Net will automatically transfer funds based on their bank balance too.

Whilst having a flexible credit limit means you can borrow as and when you need to, only when the minimum repayments are made, it will take much longer to repay the debt. At QuidMarket, rather than provide a flexible credit line, we can help those who need funds quickly with a simple to repay cash loan.

Choose your repayment and loan amount before applying, and once approved and paid out, all you have to do is maintain the agreed repayments. Our loans like Safety Net Credit will not require access to view your bank tài khoản balance, so you won’t have to worry about us monitoring and transferring funds separate to the agreed repayments. If you want to keep your short term borrowing simple, click apply now.