Log Haven Is A Restaurant Hiding In A Utah Canyon

Log Haven Is A Restaurant Hiding In A Utah Canyon

Nestled far up Mill Creek Canyon Road in Millcreek Canyon, Log Haven is the place to go for a romantic evening in Utah. Located East of Salt Lake City, Utah, in Rattlesnake Gulch, you can eat dinner at Log Haven surrounded by wildflowers, waterfalls, and the Utah Forest. You can also host weddings and other events in this Wasatch National Forest location, with grounds so scenic and beautiful, it’s well worth the drive.

David Jones is the executive chef and co-owner of Log Haven and is a classically trained chef that keeps the Log Haven menu new and exciting.
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With a menu featuring grilled octopus, Korean fried cauliflower, and grilled bison steak, this menu will have you wishing you had skipped lunch so you could try more dishes.
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While the menu is outstanding, the setting has also won many awards and accolades. This eatery was named one of America’s Most Scenic Restaurants. It also holds the title of one of the Top 10 Most Romantic Restaurants in the U.S.
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The roaring waters of Mill Creek, along with this gorgeous and picturesque waterfall are found on the property, and have made Log Haven a staple of Salt Lake City for over 100 years.
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At one point, the grounds of Log Haven were also used as a base for fishing, ice skating, and horseback riding, before exclusively serving as the restaurant found there today.
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The dining room is cozy and romantic, as the building was constructed from California and Oregon logs, giving the building a unique and homey feel.
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Log Haven is just one of those restaurants you have to see to believe. With an incredible and exciting menu, world-class views, unbelievable service, and a history of over 100 years, you won’t regret driving up Millcreek Canyon for a romantic evening at Log Haven. Have you had the pleasure of dining at Log Haven? What was your favorite dish?

Address: Log Haven, 6451 Mill Creek Canyon Rd, Salt Lake City, UT 84109, USA