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CSP enables Rutgers students to plan schedules for available semesters. Long term planning is also available.

System Requirements

  • CSP is best viewed in the latest versions of major browsers. Please view our Browser Recommendations page for more details.

  • CSP calculates many complex algorithms and will perform best on newer PCs.

  • JavaScript must be enabled in browser for CSP to function.

CSP Support

For all questions regarding course and schedule information, please contact the appropriate Help Desk:
Camden Help Desk,
Newark Help Desk, or
New Brunswick/Piscataway Help Desk.

For any comments or suggestions regarding this site, you may contact us at csp_support@ess.rutgers.edu.

There are several known issues within CSP that our visitors should be aware of.


For security reasons, we ask that all users log out of CSP after completing their tasks and close the browser. This will clear out any traces of sensitive information that may be used to compromise user’s personal information.


While Course Schedule Planner provides a convenient way for students to build their class schedules, it does not guarantee schedule availability or validity at the time of registration.
Since CSP provides integration with external systems such as WebReg, availability of these integration features depends on external systems’ availability, hours of operation and student’s eligibility.
For example, exporting a schedule from CSP to WebReg for registration will work only when WebReg is available and student has enough credits to register.

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