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In the US, the logistics and transportation industry brings in at least $1.3 trillion each year. That’s 8.5% of the yearly GDP. Industry investment gains are expected along with the American economy and the supply networks are constantly in the process of creation between transportation businesses, global and domestic firms. Because of this and several other reasons, emerging markets are overseeing trends of freight and shipping to meet ever changing needs of businesses. This is where complex logistic solutions step in. Take a look at the following logos of some freight businesses that know a thing or two about quality and timely delivery.

What the Logo Says about You

Because every smart business owner knows that branding is immensely important for their success in the market, they spend a lot of time and effort in creating a logo which is ideal in every way. These fresh entrepreneurs know that a cohesive visual representation of their business is necessary to build a loyal clientele. So, it is crucial that you understand the importance of eye-catching logo designs because it is essentially what people use as a point of reference to associate with your service.

Here are a couple of key aspects which you need to take into consideration to create the best logo design for your shipping business.

Messages Help

A logo is much more than just a symbol or shape with your transportation business. A logo has the ability to convey powerful messages and if done right, can make your service memorable. Ask yourself, ‘what message and image do you want to project to your customers?’ Once you have an answer for that, you’ll be ready to design a logo which is exactly according to your vision and business mission. Here are some logos that send distinctive messages to their customers:

trailer truck logo for transportation company
speedometer logo for logistics company
map and arrow logistic logo design contest
plane logo for air cargo company

You must also know what message you want to project about your service because the logo design will revolve around it. As an example, you could convey fast delivery and turnaround times by having a truck with tire streaks trailing off the back to show speed. However, if this is the sort of message you want to send out, you must be careful because you don’t want to give the impression that your service is unsafe!

How about a real-world example? FedEx’s way of conveying speedy delivery is by cleverly hiding an arrow that points to the right, between the “e” and “x” in their logo. Smart, isn’t it?

admiral with telescope logo for moving company

Trend Savvy

Sometimes, coming up with a genuine logo can be an engrossing task. In such a case, you should look to the industry experts for inspiration and ideas. Spend time in researching about the logos which are most popular and what makes them so pleasing to the eye. But be cautious because there’s a fine line between being creative and getting inspired and imitating or copying your competitors’ logos. So make sure that you borrow ideas, but always keep originality your main objective.

These are among the most common trends for transportation and logistical company logos:

  • Bold typography and little text
  • Images of trucks or arrows indicating movement
  • Most common color combinations: mixes of grey, blue, green and red

Speaking of Color Combinations

Logo colors convey the company’s message a great deal. These colors have the ability to influence customers in a number of ways which is why understanding the psychology of colors is important. Basically, it’s something that needs to be given careful thought when picking colors for your brand and logo.

Here are some common colors and the message they convey:

  • Red projects energy and strength.
  • Blue works well for calm, friendly and logical.
  • Yellow is for creativity and excitement.
  • Purple is ideal for traits like quality and truth.
  • Green indicates environmental awareness, peace and balance.
  • Orange is for those who are comfortable and passionate.
  • Brown gives way to warmth and reliability.
  • Pink is a favorite for femininity and love.

This last one may not be the best example but observe how the pink is used first and how it stands out.

In the logistics and transportation industry, blue, grey, red and green are among the most common colors. However, there’s no hard and fast rule as these are simply industry trends so you should also consider what colors work well and are unique to your logo.

Even though color is certainly important, a black and white logo should look just as good. You might not always want to print in color because a logo that’s black and white will maintain its quality when printed or copied. You could go with a black background, and have the logo and text in white. However, don’t be frightened to experiment with colors but instead try inverting them to see the difference.

How Typography Plays its Part

Typography comes handy in when you want people know the name of your business. Though many logos don’t need accompanying text, it does help because it’s a convenient way of conveying your message. Generally, typography should be kept simple.

Start by choosing a font that you like and use it for all your branding materials. Sit down with your logo designer and explain to them some of the qualities which you like about a particular font. Questions you may want to ask yourself are:

  • Is it simple yet unique and distinctive?
  • Does it convey my message effectively?
  • Is it easily readable?
  • Does it look outdated or fresh?

The Takeaway

Because rebranding your business after a few years down the road may cost you a sufficient amount of finances, time and energy, you must ensure that you always start with a great logo design that gets your logistics business moving headstrong in the right direction.